Roseville, CA, Ride: View from the Sweep

20 ladies!  What a great turnout for November’s Second Sunday of the month Bike Like a Girl ride in Roseville, CA.  It looks like the word is spreading that our rides are “no drop”* and full of friendly and supportive women. 

We had two ride options, 25 or 35 miles.  I volunteered to sweep and was put with the 25 mile ride.  This was my first time to sweep a ride, and I admit I was a bit apprehensive.  I volunteered because I want to support the group in whatever ways I can.  I admit I’m not the most savvy on bike maintenance, so I was relieved that no one in my group had any issues on the ride.  But I have found that when there are issues, there are enough of us that have the knowhow to get us back on track.
Women ahead of us took turns coming back to those of us going at a slower pace to make sure we were fine and not lost.  The group effort is what makes this ride so special.  No one left behind.  I know that I’ve worried about slowing people down on rides I have been on. What I liked most about being the sweep was the opportunity to chat with women I did not know and to give them the opportunity to ride at a pace comfortable to them, hopefully making the ride stress-free for everyone.
Thank you to the other Bike Like a Girl volunteers who planned and led the ride. Sunday’s ride was a perfect chance to be on the road and enjoy the sunny day with fellow cyclists in an empowering and fun manner. But don't just take it from me…
With just this single ride, one woman went from “I’m a little worried about joining in. Even at my fastest, I don’t think I can keep up.” to "I’m glad you encouraged me to go! I had a great time.... I’ve already put the December Bike Like a Girl ride on the calendar!" We invite you to do the same!
* If a ride is “no drop”, it means no riders will be left behind regardless of how their pace compares to the rest of the group. A “sweep” or other designated ride leader will ride alongside and enjoy the ride at that pace, ensuring a safe, fun time for all.