Girls Camps Roll on in Reno

Our Fall, 2016 Reno girls’ camp is underway in Reno at Rollan Melton Elementary school.  Thanks to our friends at the Kiwanis Bike Program, we successfully taught another session focused on bike maintenance and repair, which is the foundation of every girls’ camp.  The girls learned how to check their helmets and bikes for proper function and how to fix basic problems with their bikes.

These bike maintenance and repair sessions are always amazing, because the girls usually demonstrate a keen desire to learn about how the bikes work.  Their level of engagement is always high, especially as they see how easily things can be fixed.  

The Reno camp continues with a focus on skills and safety and our Roseville camp starts on September 28th (there’s still time to sign up!).

How can you help?  Donations are needed to defray camp costs.  Every little bit helps get more girls excited about cycling, so visit to make a tax deductible contribution to our organization.